Welcome Letter

Dear Parents and Students:


I would like to welcome you to another year at UC Teams Charter School.  It is my pleasure to be working with each of you.  This year, students will be engrossed in many educational tasks that will stimulate their minds and enhance their educational careers.  My main goals are:

  • Incorporate interactive activities and assessments in an effort to improve students’ motivation, confidence, attentiveness, and retention of key concepts.
  • Utilize an interdisciplinary approach that will reinforce and enhance the development of skills that are necessary for success across all content areas.
  • Seek out and implement innovative methods for providing your child with a rich and stimulating curriculum that not only bridges the gap between what they learn in the classroom and how it impacts their daily lives.

I am committed to ensure that your child is equipped with the academic and social tools that are necessary for him/her to gain a clear sense of where his/her true talents lie, make positive choices, and work toward building skills that will ultimately enable him/her to lead a productive and successful life.  Fortunately, I can always count on your support to nurture and guide your child toward achieving these goals.  Therefore, I will need you (the parent) to:

  • Regularly check to ensure that your child has all of the necessary materials to be successful and carry out the normal functions of the day.
  • Check your child’s homework/projects regularly.
  • Notify me immediately should you have any concerns about your child’s academic/social progress
  • Empower and encourage your child to make appropriate choices and to take responsibility for his/her own actions and learning.
  • Please stop in to assist with a project, help with a lesson, or just say hi!

Thank you and I look forward to working with you and your child this year.

Educationally Yours,


Ms. Evans

Wilberforce University/ msevans.educatorpages.com

(908) 754-9043 x164